On these pages we have collected publications by the researchers of the various sub-projects. The publications are from 2011 and onwards and will be updated regularly. Please see the menu on the left for publications by individual researchers.

Selected publications from the project

Monographs, anthologies and themed journal issues

Eskjær, Mikkel Fugl, Hjarvard, Stig and Mortensen, Mette (eds.) (2015) The Dynamics of Mediatized Conflicts. New York: Peter Lang.

Hjarvard, Stig (2013) The Mediatization of Culture and Society. London: Routledge.

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Mortensen, Mette (2015) Journalism and Eyewitness Images: Digital Media, Participation, and Conflict. New York: Routledge.

Journal articles and book chapters

Eskjær, Mikkel Fugl (2013) ”Medialisering som mediespecifik moderniseringsproces”. Nordicom Information, 35(3-4): 15–31.

Eskjær, Mikkel Fugl (2013) “The Mediatization of Ethical Consumption”. MedieKultur, 29(54): 26–46.

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Johansen, Stine Liv (2015) “Being a Football Kid. Football as a Mediatized Play Practice”. In Alexandra Schwell, Nina Szogs, Malgorzata Kowalska, Michal Buchowski (eds.): New Ethnographies of Football in Europe. People, Passions, Politics. New York: Palgrave.

Mortensen, Mette (2015) “Conflictual Media Events, Eyewitness Images, and the Boston Marathon Bombing”. Journalism Practice, 9(4): 536-551.

Mortensen, Mette (2015, in press) “Connective Witnessing: Reconfiguring the Relationship between the Individual and the Collective”. Information, Communication and Society.

Sonne Damkjær, Maja (2015) ”Becoming a Parent in a Digitized Age: Facebook as an Agent of Change?: Performative, Dialogical, and Preservative Facebook Strategies in the Transition to Parenthood”. Paper presented at Nordmedia 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sonne Damkjær, Maja (2016, in press) ”Medialiseret forældreskab i overgangen til familielivet”. In Stig Hjarvard (ed.): Medialisering: Mediernes rolle i social og kulturel forandring. Copenhagen: Hans Reitzels Forlag.