CV Maja Sonne Damkjaer 

Maja Sonne Damkjaer
MA, doctoral study
Department of Aesthetics and Communication - Media Science
Aarhus University

Education and employment

Maja Sonne Damkjaer has an MA in Media and Communication from Aarhus University and a Bachelor of Education from Silkeborg Seminarium. Since her MA-degree she has been working as a research assistant and lecturer, primarily at Aarhus University, teaching media text analysis, key media theory and journalism genres. Lately she has been teaching strategic communication and concept development at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus.

Research merits and qualifications

Maja's MA thesis, Flow and Consumption in Parenting Magazines - A Study of an Underexposed Media Phenomenon, investigates the characteristics and attraction of the parenting magazine as a magazine type, a commodity, a cultural product, and a motherhood guide. This is done in the light of theories of mediatization and consumer culture by means of a comparative content analysis of three Danish parenting magazines. As a research assistant she has produced a report on key characteristics of travel series on Danish TV based on a large content analysis.

Research areas

Maja's interest is media sociology, mediatization and media aesthetics and the link between the three, especially in relation to parenting and the family institution. She analyses media content and concepts aimed at parents, and she is currently focusing on parents' reception and use of parental oriented Internet media services and texts in order to reach a better understanding of how new media and modern parenting are intertwined.

Selected publications

Damkjaer, M. S. (2015). "Om vordende forældres deling af ultralydsbilleder på sociale medier" (Why expectant parents post ultrasound images of their unborn baby to social media). In Danish, DR, P4 Østjylland, January 15, 2015.

Damkjaer, M. S. (2014). "Medialiseret forældreskab i overgangen til familielivet: Teoretiske refleksioner" (Mediatized Parenthood in the Transition to Parenthood: Theoretical Reflections). Abstract presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Danish Association of Media Researchers: Danish Media Research: State of the Art - Future Prospects. Nyborg, Denmark, October 30-31, 2014.

Damkjaer, M. S. (2013). “Mediatized Parenthood in the digital era: Mediatization theory as theoretical framework". Working paper presented at the doctoral seminar: Mediatization: Social and Cultural Change. Lillehammer University College, April 26-27, 2013.

Damkjaer, M. S. (2012). “The mediatization of Parenthood”. Working paper presented at the research seminar: Family, Play, and Sports in an Online World. Aarhus University, May 7, 2012.

Damkjaer, M. S. (2012): "Den digitale mor: Kære Google - hvordan bliver jeg en endnu bedre forælder?" (Digital mothering: Dear Google - How do I become a better parent?). In the Danish national newspaper, Berlingske Tidende. Section 3, August 4, 2012.