Organization and participants

The research project is located at University of Copenhagen, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication. It is headed by Professor Stig Hjarvard.

The core group of the project comprises seven researchers from three Danish universities:

University of Copenhagen
Professor Stig Hjarvard, PhD. Email:  
Associate Professor Rasmus Helles, PhD. Email:  
Associate Professor Mette Mortensen, PhD. Email:  

Aalborg University
Associate Professor Mikkel Eskjær, PhD. Email:  

Aarhus University
Associate Professor Kirsten Frandsen, PhD. Email:  
Assistant Professor Stine Liv Johansen, PhD. Email:
Maja Sonne Damkjaer, MA (doctoral study). Email: 

International advisory panel
The project has an international advisory panel with three specialists:
Professor Friedrich Krotz, Dr., University of Bremen, Germany.
Professor Simon Cottle, PhD, Cardiff University, United Kingdom. 
Professor Lynn Schofield Clark, PhD, University of Denver, United States.