10 September 2013

The mediatization of conflicts: How media condition modern conflicts

October 23-25, 2013

Sophienberg Manor – North of Copenhagen

Organized by the Danish national research project: 
The Mediatization of Culture. The Challenge of New Media

This seminar seeks to explore whether mediatization theory offers a new framework or new inroads to understand the relationship between conflicts and the media.  Recognizing that we live in “conflictual times”, the seminar is based on a rather inclusive understanding of conflicts, which is not restricted to armed conflicts, but also embraces political, social, ethnic, religious and environmental conflicts. Thus, the seminar will include scholars from different disciplines working with the topic of mediatized conflicts, such as media studies, political science, sociology, cultural studies, environmental studies, sciences studies etc.

In particular, we are looking forward to discussions on the following subjects:

  • Mediatization theory and conflicts: theoretical developments, propositions or implications
  • Theoretical and/or empirical investigations of how (new) media challenge our understanding of conflicts
  • New media technologies and ideas of democratic change
  • The new food chain of news from areas of conflict in the digital media environment
  • Media and armed conflicts
  • Conflicts in relation to risk, science and environmental communication
  • Censorship, propaganda and media management revisited in the digital age
  • Local (or “glocalized”) conflicts and the global news circuit
  • Media framing of conflicts
  • The deployment of digital media by citizens and activists to organize, recruit, mobilize support, and create awareness.