3 October 2012

Mediatization and New Media

International research workshop by ECREA TWG Mediatization

University of Copenhagen, Denmark, March 15-16, 2013

Call for papers

New media like the Internet and mobile phones have come to play a crucial role in contemporary culture and society. They have not only reconfigured the entire media landscape and transformed older forms of mass media but have become integrated into the very fabric of social life in a variety of social, political and cultural domains. In this research workshop we will consider the influence of new media through the theoretical framework of mediatization. Mediatization has emerged as a key concept to theorize and empirically investigate how media are implicated in social and cultural change across a variety of domains like family life, work, politics, economy, religion and warfare. Early mediatization theory was focused on the influence of mass media and the spread of new media may both question key propositions of mediatization theory and provide evidence for a more pronounced and complex mediatization of social, political and cultural phenomena. New media reconfigure and diversify processes of communication and interaction at the same time as they become institutionalized and come to influence new patterns of power relationships. 

Read the full call for papers here.

The workshop will comprise approx. 25-35 researchers; precedence will be given to paper presenters. Participants will have to cover their own travel expenses and hotel. University of Copenhagen will provide lunch, coffee and tea during the two days.

We encourage contributions from different academic perspectives on mediatization. Please send your abstracts (not more than 300 words) by Monday 14th of January 2013to secretary Agnete Mette Juul: media@hum.ku.dk. Questions concerning the topic of the workshop may be addressed to Professor Stig Hjarvard: stig@hum.ku.dk

The workshop is organized by the ECREA TWG on Mediatization(http://www.mediatization.eu/)  in cooperation with the Research Program The Mediatization of Culture: The Challenge of New Media at University of Copenhagen:http://mediatization.ku.dk/