14 July 2015

Cfp: Dynamics of mediatization: Understanding cultural and social change

The book explores the dynamics of mediatization in relation to three sub-themes:

1) Grasping dynamics of mediatization:

2) Studying dynamics of mediatization in relation to other long-term processes:

3) Analysing dynamics of mediatization in specific fields and contexts:

The volume will be edited by the management team of ECREA’s Temporary Working Group Mediatization (www.mediatization.eu): Stig Hjarvard (chair), Gӧran Bolin (co-chair), Andreas Hepp (co-chair) and Olivier Driessens (YECREA-representative).

1000-word proposals for theoretical and/or empirical chapters with a clear focus on socio-cultural changes in relation to media and communication can be sent to Olivier Driessens. Please use o.driessens@lse.ac.uk if submitting before 1 September; and od252@cam.ac.uk if submitting after 1 September.

Read the full call for chapters here: